TouriSMEshare Project

TouriSMEshare aims to explore the potential of sharing economy for the growth of European SMEs and Social Enterprises (SE) in sustainable tourism and cultural heritage related sectors. It aims to promote tourism services with lower environmental and socio-cultural impacts and a higher involvement of tourists in natural and cultural capital preservation.


  • Map and link-up with already existing sharing economy platforms for tourism in the European countries involved
  • Exchange experiences will all relevant key stakeholders
  • Identify and help European SMEs, Start Ups, social enterprises and relevant players that have a high-growth potential and ambition to fully benefit from all the possibilities shared economy has to offer

This project, that brings together 4 EEN countries, paves the way for the sharing and transfer of good practices between regiones towards a more integrated EU collaborative economy in tourism and the cultural heritage sector, providing first-hand support to SMEs, including start-ups and young companies.

TouriSMEshare and SharEEN final event video: