SOUL Skills Project started

SOUL Skills is an Erasmus+ project implemented by 7 partners from 6 EU countries (BG, IT, GR, ES, IS, FR) with main aim to provide information about the effects of of the current social isolation EU countries undertake as a measure to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 pandemic on children aged 6-12. It addition, the project’s purpose is to provide modern and innovative methodology and tools that will assist to evaluate the transferable skills of children outside the classroom context, as well as to empower professionals in supporting soft skills based on cultural activities in the non-formal education settings.

Beneficiaries are educators-adult trainers, teachers in primary schools, parents, mentors, youth workers and university students and anyone working towards improving children’ learning process within non-formal and informal learning setting.

Main activities
• An analytical report „Children after the social isolation due to COVID-19” will be produced for providing information about the impact of isolation on the processes of socialization of children aged 6-12 years old who were unable to go to school as a result of the pandemic restrictions.
• An innovative methodology will be developed and tested for the joint evaluation of transferable skills of children outside the context of classroom.
• Organization and development of Skills Toolbox SOUL Skills Toolbox will empower education professionals/parents in supporting soft skills evaluation and development of children aged 6-12, by proposing a comprehensive learning model to enhance transferable skills with modern approached and innovative tools based on cultural activities in the non-formal education setting.
• The staff of the 7 partner organisations will be trained to become local contact persons of the project “the ambassadors”, in order to disseminate, train other educators and provide mentoring and guidance to the educators who wish to implement the project results.

Project team:

• AGORA (Bulgaria) – coordinator
Foundation GIS Transfer Center (Bulgaria)
• DEFOIN (Spain)
• Athens Network of Collaborating Experts (Greece)
• J&M Synergie (France)
• NORTH Consulting (Island)
• Centro Studi Villa Montesca (Italy)